Our Vision our ideas, ideals, aims and goals

Spare Space Taxis


  • Provide a simple online taxi and private hire car booking platform;
  • To automatically provide passengers with any empty ( 'Spare Space' ) journeys as a booking option for their journey;
  • To create an online taxi company management assistant; and
  • To enable taxi companies of all sizes to take online bookings and payment.

Our Ultimate Goal

Every day taxis drive empty:

  • They may be travelling to pick up a client; or
  • They may be returning having dropped someone off
Either way the taxi is empty and the Spare Space could be utilised.

We have created some clever software that can match one of these 'Spare Space' journeys to your requested journey.
So if you book with us and you see a 'Spare Space' journey as one of your options you may notice:
  • It is a bit cheaper than the rest as it is a 'Spare' journey;
  • You will be helping the environment as you are filling a wasted journey; and
  • You will be helping to reduce congestion on our roads.

All of this combines to achieve our ultimate goal which is to provide the most efficient and affordable taxi fares available anywhere.

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