Vehicle Size Guide

This is a general guide.

If you need further clarification then please study the tables for each specific vehicle size which can be found below.

General Vehicle Size Guide Table

Vehicle SizeMaximum PassengersMaximum Bags With Maximum Passengers

Passengers please note:

When booking a journey it is imperative that you ensure the vehicle size stated will be sufficient to transport all the passengers and bags in your party.
If you are in any doubt please DO NOT book the journey as we can not offer a refund in this instance.
Please call us on

Taxi companies:
When entering an empty, return or Spare Space Journey if you are not 100% certain of the vehicle size you are going to use then input the smallest vehicle that could be used.
Note: if you enter a small vehicle but actually use a medium, large or extra-large then this is acceptable.

Toyota Prius
Small Vehicle
Ford Mondeo
Medium Vehicle
Ford Galaxy
Large Vehicle
Ford Tourneo
Extra-Large Vehicle
Volvo V50 Estate
Estate Vehicle
Mercedes S320d
Executive Vehicle

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