Frequently Asked Questions Answers to how we are able to provide such good value, cheap taxi fares and airport transfers.

How does Spare Space Taxis work? answer...

In short Spare Space Taxis matches taxi journeys that are required or desired by passengers with empty journeys that taxi companies are already doing. This enables passengers to receive a discounted taxi fare, the taxi company to illiminate a wasted journey and the environment to benefit.
The easiest way to understand how it works is with a worked example:
How it works for a passenger How it works for a taxi company

How much does Spare Space Taxis cost? answer...

SpareSpaceTaxis is FREE to use, to search for journeys and to compare prices.
We charge a small percentage of the taxi fare if a journey is booked.
For example: For a £30 Spare Space taxi journey (up to 50% discount on a full fare taxi journey) our fee would be £1.80 + VAT. We have to charge this to pay bank charges for handling the transaction, paying for electricity to power our servers, updating our software and paying our employees. We hope you think this fair and reasonable.

What happens if the taxi does not arrive? answer...

You are supplied with the taxi companies telephone number once the booking is completed. Our software builds in a buffer for unforeseen traffic delays and they should contact you if they are running late.
If nothing is heard then contact the taxi company directly to ask what is happening.
In the unlikely event of still having no joy then contact SpareSpaceTaxis on the number provided and we will resource another taxi for you asap. Any extra costs for the taxi journey will be covered by SpareSpaceTaxis, as a good will gesture, so long as you have not been at fault.

What happens if a passenger is not at the pick up point? answer...

If the passenger is not present at the departure point the taxi firm will firstly call the passenger to try and locate them.
After 10 minutes and no response from the passenger the taxi firm will call SpareSpaceTaxis to inform us that there is no one at the pick up location.
SpareSpaceTaxis will then call the passenger as well to try and locate them.
If there is still no response the taxi will depart the pick up location, the passenger will miss their journey and they will not receive a refund.

What happens if I cancel? answer...

Passengers can cancel their booked journeys up to 48hrs before the expected departure time. Please note that the booking fee will not be refunded as we still have to pay bank administration fees.
Within 48hrs of travel any booked journeys will not be refunded.

Taxi firms can only cancel booked journeys in exceptional circumstances.
If the journey has not been booked then the taxi firm can remove their empty journey from the SpareSpaceTaxis journey database as and when they like as it is not inconveniencing anybody.

What happens if the car collecting me is too small? answer...

Passengers are responsible for ensuring that the vehicle size stated on the booking is suitable for their requirements.
No refunds will be issued if the vehicle is too small.
Please ensure that the vehicle that will be picking you up is suitable prior to making the booking.
The button below is a link to our vehicle size guide page which shows how many passengers and bags various cars can accomodate.
Vehicle Size Guide

How does SpareSpaceTaxis keep me safe? answer...

Before a Taxi company can become a partner of SpareSpaceTaxis we check that they are licensed with their local licensing authority. We do this to ensure that NO unlicensed vehicles or rogue traders are used to pick you up.
This helps us to keep you safe and protect you from such traders. Once a journey is booked SpareSpaceTaxis will send you the contact details of the taxi firm that will pick you up.
Also, as you have prepaid there is no concern about exchanging money, all you have to do is give the driver your confirmation code which is sent to you after you have paid for the journey. (Much like booking a flight!)

How does Spare Space Taxis calculate your fare? answer...

Calculating your Fare is a multi stage process that involves our partner taxi firms, the details of your journey (time of day, distance and duration), a bit of maths and Spare Space Taxis.
In short the following steps are followed:
  • Each Taxi Firm decides the fare they are willing to accept for a Spare Space Journey and for a standard (full fare journey);
  • Your journey request is submitted;
  • Our algorithm does some clever computations and will display to you all the journeys that are available that match your search criteria;
  • Based on the distance you are travelling, the time of day of the journey, availability of an empty or Spare Space Journey and the fare the taxi firm(s) want to charge you will be displayed with a fare for your journey;
  • You are then able to book the journey immediately and will get a booking confirmation email, to the address you have specified, which will contain a confirmation code that you give to the taxi driver upon meeting. This is very similar to the booking process when flying!

Any other queries or questions? answer...

Please contact us using the email link given.
We are an internet based company so tend to respond better to this method of contact.
Thank you for your continued use and support of our service.
the Spare Space Taxis team

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