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Booking your taxi journey with Spare Space Taxis won't just be saving you money, but time and the environment at the same time, all in just one easy click!

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Taxis, private hire companies and local taxis travel every day to destinations all over the UK. They drop people off or pick someone up but generally travel one way unoccupied.

This is wasteful, not environmentally friendly and means there is extra traffic on our roads.

Spare Space Taxis has developed an igenious solution that enables you to book taxis online at a heavily discounted rate by filling the empty space in a return or empty taxi.

Our customers receive up to a 50% discount on standard taxi fares.

How do we achieve cheap taxi fares?

  • Taxi companies have an account with us, through which they can input their empty or 'Spare Space' taxi journeys.
  • Our software will then match you with an empty taxi as long as both of your journeys are compatible.
  • You will be given a choice of journeys that match your requirements, you may notice the prices vary. This is because the taxi companies choose the fare they want to charge for their empty journeys.
  • You can then book and pay for your journey online.
    note: Your payment is not completed until you have been collected by your taxi company.

  • You will receive a booking confirmation code and email copy, as you would when booking a flight.
  • When you are collected by your taxi driver, you simply give them your booking confirmation code. They know you have pre paid and you know they have picked you up!
  • When the taxi driver or taxi company submit this code to Spare Space Taxis they are paid for your journey.

  • You are happy with your cheap taxi journey;
  • The taxi company is happy having filled an empty journey; and
  • The environment is happy we have all helped making travel that little bit more efficient.
  • Exeter Airport

    We could write all the facts and figures for Exeter Airport on our pages but we are in the business of finding and providing you with the cheapest, most environmentally friendly taxi transfer to and from the Airport.

    We have provided the links below incase you want to find out more about Exeter Airport:

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